Tabula Rasa Doesn’t Just Spawn Enemies

Tabula Rasa Doesn’t Just Spawn Enemies

ss-008.jpgIn my few days of playing Everquest and few weeks of experiencing WoW, I was (quickly) disturbed by spawning enemies. The effect didn’t just break the realism—it reminded me that, no, my time means nothing to the developer and, yes, killing these stupid [fill in stupid creature here]is just tedium until I level up high enough to kill [fill in another, slightly more powerful, stupid creature here] . That’s why Tabula Rasa’s take on enemy spawning is refreshing, as Gaming Nexus points out in their beta impressions:

Instead of creatures just reappearing out of thin air, they’re beamed down from dropships, they’re hitting the ground and bounding out of dense woodlands, they’re pulling themselves up from underground. Yes, they’re still “spawning,” per se, but at least an effort’s being made to make them do more than just “blink” into existence.

Well Mr. Garriott, it’s a start.

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