Tabula Rasa Collector’s Edition Revealed

Tabula Rasa Collector’s Edition Revealed

tabrasle.jpgNCsoft loves their limited collector’s editions, so it comes as no surprise that Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa will be getting the full LE box treatment when it comes out this spring. Players who opt for the expensive edition will be treated to three special in-game status items: a spacial emote, exclusive die recipes for armour tinting, and a unique pet, all suitable for selling on eBay for exorbitant amounts at a later date. Also included is a briefing from the recently promoted General British, classified maps, an Allied Free Sentients field guide, dog tags, a limited edition coin and a poster. Now how much would you pay? But wait, there’s more! Act now and you will also get a special ‘making of’ DVD you will never, ever watch. Click the image above for a closer look, and hit the jump for a pic of the box that will be sitting on my bookshelf neglected for years to come! tabrasleboc.jpg

NCsoft Reveals Contents of Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa Limited Collector’s Edition Game Pack

Austin, Texas, August 20, 2007-NCsoft(r), the world’s leading developer and publisher of online computer games, announced their plans for the Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa(r) Limited Collector’s Edition, which will be released to stores in North America and Europe when the game launches this fall.

This special retail box offers customers exclusive in-game items, including a special character emote, exclusive dye recipes players can use to create unique armour colours, and a unique pet. Players who purchase the Limited Collector’s Edition box also receive a briefing from Richard Garriott’s alter-ego in the game, General British, classified maps, an Allied Free Sentients (AFS) field guide, Tabula Rasa dog tags, an AFS challenge coin and a special edition poster.

The Limited Collector’s Edition also includes one month of free game play and a “Making of Tabula Rasa” DVD.

One of the most anticipated PC games of the year, Tabula Rasa is the latest title by gaming legend Richard Garriott and offers a strikingly new approach to the design of multiplayer online games by combining a vast, persistent game world and rich storyline with fast-paced action. The game introduces several innovative elements to massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, including a Character Cloning System(tm) that allows players to explore different character classes without having to create a new character. Dynamic battlefields and ethical parables make this MMO game incredibly immersive, where players really feel a part of the ongoing war effort.

“The Limited Collector’s Edition we have put together for Tabula Rasa is loaded with cool things for players who really get into the role-playing aspect of the game,” said Executive Producer Richard Garriott. “Regular players will find the maps and field guide useful as they move
full-force into the game’s fast-paced action. Other items, like the dog tags and challenge coins, bring home the ‘brothers in arms’ feeling of this game even when you aren’t playing.”

When the game launches later this fall, players will find the Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa Limited Collector’s Edition at most local and online retailers and at the PlayNC store

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