This RPG Tastes Like Cinnamon

This RPG Tastes Like Cinnamon

DoDmod.jpgWe have no interest in the 80’s RPG remakes, little love for the bulky Sega Genesis controller and very limited fondness in the overwhelming scent of cinnamon. But mix the three components together, and you have a fascinating little console we’d spend at least one of our three nuts on.

Greg Sanders is the modder behind this Dungeons of Doom-playing machine. Running off just a 9V battery, the Cinnamonlution (we just made that up but like it alot) can power one Sega controller and video-only RCA out to a television (all audio is through a headphone port).

For those who are feeling crafty, the project was built from just $US21.50 in parts. It will also probably cost you any future in hand modelling, as soldering burns don’t make for good TV.

The Dungeons of Doom [via playgadgets]

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