Ten Years Down The Drain?

tiktaalik_f.jpgGamesRadar has highlighted eight franchises that haven't changed in ten years. The list includes biggies like Pokemon, Virtual Fighter and even The Legend of Zelda. They applaud the titles for staying entertaining, while simultaneously stabbing them in the back for not evolving like Mario or Prince of Persia. Has Pokemon evolved? No. It's added features. The article's solution? Make it 3D. And while I don't necessarily disagree that three dimensions could offer some unexplored gameplay elements, the precise problem with most tired franchises is that the "make it 3D" button has already been pushed (often to the cost of the series *cough* Sonic *cough*). So called "evolution" in the wake of 3D gaming seems a much tougher prospect, especially for games wishing to stay 2D—like Metal Slug (also on their list). I don't know that I have some profound point to make here, but the article does bring to question: how do you want to see your favourite games evolve?

Because my favourite "evolution" in the last five years was probably The New Super Mario Bros. They were excellent, there were a ton of new gameplay elements and honestly, for as long as I see Mario in 3D, I will know him in 2D.

Games that haven't changed in ten years [gamesradar]


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