Tender Booth Babe Moment (Babies)

tender_booth_babes.jpgTrue story. We were witness to the dark side of being employed as a booth babe when one German flesh worker broke down sobbing in one of the temporarily constructed business booths after hours. After holding in the tears after an all day (we assume) grope session and series of harsh evaluations of her figure by German gamers, she'd had enough. While we worked, the soft sounds of weeping continued to penetrate the thin plastic walls of whatever pissant European hardware manufacturer was paying her her daily pittance.

Fortunately, we captured some more tender booth babe moments, such as this young lady's interaction with one of the littlest Games Convention attendees.Deep in conversation, this elfen model for Samsung turned the tables with her own chance to play some grabass, this time with a spritely, tow-headed kid who knows nothing of sexually objectifying women paid to stand near things in midriff baring get ups.

Near the end of it, however, we got a little more depressed. As she reluctantly released the adorable Crocs-wearing kid from her pseudo-mothering grip, it was clear baby lust was in her eyes. I expect she and her boyfriend talked less about Games Convention that night and more about when he was willing to get her pregnant. Poor guy.


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