Testing Crackdown And Its 495 City Blocks

495.jpgThere's a pretty interesting article up over at Gamasutra, examining the testing process behind Crackdown. Microsoft had never had to test a big, sandboxy game like it before, so it tells the story of how they had to adapt in order to get the job done. It also throws up some useless, but handy, statistics on the game. Seems Crackdown was divided into 495 "blocks". There was an average of 12 bugs per block, and these bugs took an average of 12 minutes to locate (using old testing methods; new ones had to be written up to deal with the game's scope). The hidden orbs scattered around the game created over 10,000 environment bugs. All useless, certainly, but an interesting read nonetheless! GameFest: Testing Crackdown's 495 City Blocks [Gamasutra]


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