The Army Invades PAX

armybooth.jpgWhilst strolling around PAX I happened into the back of the of the hall and noticed this massive Army booth. I was surprised and a little curious because not only could I not see any games present, but the sign hanging over the booth seemed a bit odd, reading ""No Power-Ups, No Cheat Codes, No Easy Mode." I mean, I understand the point they were trying to make, but it almost seemed a tad insulting. Needless to say the Army booth had tumbleweeds rolling through it, so after spying the Bungie Store around the side of the booth I went over to check that out. As I turned the corner, I saw that the Army actually did have one lone gaming station set up to show off their America's army game, strategically placed directly across from the Bungie Store.

Now I'm certainly not saying the Army had no right to be there, they paid their money for a booth just like everyone else, but I do find it a bit disturbing seeing such things at a gaming convention. Especially with all the talk about violence in video games and how it influences young people. As gamers we strive to quash that myth and yet here is the Army showing up promoting a game that is basically just a tool to try and get people to sign up for the military. Our government wants to bash violent games and then turn around and use them to lure kids into an actual war? Seems more than a bit hypocritical on their part.

What are your feelings on this? Personally, it scares the crap out of me.


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