The Big Three Booths Of Leipzig, Judged

The Big Three Booths Of Leipzig, Judged

three-stooges.jpgAfter a quiet E3, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are back in the great arms race that is…The Booth. And while much of the show floor is still a pile of sawdust and stomped out cigarettes, it’s not too early (for us) to make snap judgements and rude criticisms about the showmanship of the big three. Plus, we get to put all those hours we’ve logged with HGTV to good use. Sony’s Toilet Party
IMG_3012.JPGCreativity: 9
Some people call it bathroom humour, others call it another day at the office. But beyond the toilets, Sony sports a variety of themes, including travel and…uhh…heavy fibre ingestion.
Usability: 7
The toilets we already know what to do with, but there are a lot of different stations—like the cozy pods created for SingStar—that will allow gamers to play comfortably.
Overall: 8

Microsoft’s Beanbag on Beach
IMG_3151.JPGCreativity: 5
Meh. Beach? Sounds like a themed frat party without the sand, kegs or glistening vomit residue on the bust of a sorority girl.
Usability: 9
Teams of two can play at a booth that is mostly devoted to places to play
Overall: 7

Nintendo’s Shower Curtain
IMG_3144.JPGCreativity: 4
The curtains, hopefully, will remind the crowds for the need to shower regularly. But we don’t think that was the intention.
Usability: ?
It really wasn’t complete enough to judge how Nintendo will utilise the open space.

For now winner: Sony

We like when big companies can laugh at themselves and these trade shows are filled with large, obnoxious designs…let’s not encourage the industry to be Vegas. Let’s encourage them to be, you know, that guy who makes fun of Vegas.

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