The Chipmunks, The Rhythm Game, The Experience

rammstein-chipmunks.jpgThe rumours were right. The Chipmunks are getting their own PS2/Wii/DS videogame from Brash Entertainment. This December alongside their film, The Chipmunks will launch a rhythm game in which they perform 40 castrated classics like REM's Shiny Happy People and Run DMC's It's Tricky.

In a setup similar to Guitar Hero's venue progression, the squirrel-like annoyances will screech their way from high school gyms to Burning Man. Despite our once unabashed love for both the former show and movie, we're now older, wiser and way more knowledgeable about studio enhancement. You lied to us, Alvin. And we'll never forgive you for it.

Brash To Publish Alvin And The Chipmunks Rhythm Game [gamasutra]


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