ICO Creator Weighs In On God Of War II

ICO Creator Weighs In On God Of War II

ueda_gowii_interview.jpgShadow of the Colossus and ICO creator Fumito Ueda was recently interviewed by Famitsu on the topic of, oddly enough, God of War II. The game director discusses in great detail his impressions on the PlayStation 2 game from SCEA and the differences between Western and Japanese game development. There are some fascinating insights into the different philosophies on development from cost and design perspectives.

Unfortunately, some of Ueda’s comments are rather vague—his comments about the recycling of game assets and code, for example—possibly with some of the finer details lost in translation, but it’s still a good read.

This—video game developers discussing their own work in the terms of their peers—is something I’d definitely like to see more of. You can read the translated interview with Ueda at God of War II director Cory Barlog’s blog.

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