The Fabulous Gaming Sonic Popcorn Machine

The Fabulous Gaming Sonic Popcorn Machine

segasonic-pop-corn-shop3a.jpg Here’s the set-up: Some dude visits Osaka. He finds a Sonic The Hedgehog popcorn machine at the Tennoji Zoo. He emails it to game site UK:RESISTANCE, noting, “if I send this information to you in an overly-detailed email, Kotaku will make a post about it next week.” We couldn’t wait a week, so we’re posting it now. Onward! Called “SEGASONIC POPCORN SHOP”, this wonder is a blend of arcade game and vending machine. The dude writes:

If I remember correctly (it was a month ago, so surely I can be forgiven for forgetting minor details), you play as Sonic, trying to deliver popcorn to the customer. Robotnik, however, is a dick, and tried to stop Sonic by placing him on a treadmill. You have to make Sonic run faster than the treadmill, so he can jump off the end and deliver the popcorn. You have to make Sonic run by turning the wheel on the front of the machine as fast as you can. The machine I was playing was outside, and the wheel had rusted to fuck, so it made an incredible high-pitched screeching noise as I turned it faster. This only attracted the attention of surrounding Zoo visitors, and made me feel quite uncomfortable in the children’s area of the park.

So a video game occupies the time while your popcorn is popping. Fascinating. The popcorn comes in salt, butter and curry flavours. And it was dispensed in an Anpanman paper cup. There’s even a video of this beautiful machine in action. Find that after the “more >>”

Mental note: Visit the Tennjoi Zoo this weekend.

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