The Games Convention Hall Crawl

jager_bomb_ammo.jpgOne of the more surprising aspects of Games Convention is the availability of alcohol, a rarity at a video game expo, BlizzCon not included. We've ridden into town with a drinking population of Leipzig-bound teens that was much higher than expected. Therefore, we've decided to try to see the sights and sound of Games Convention through the eyes of the German youth. By drinking. A lot.

We've already secured a mini-bottle of the local poison (Jagermeister) with which to start our hall crawl, but the rest of the drinking (mostly beer, we suspect) will be done on the show floor itself. The rules are that any time we pass a beer stand, we drink.

We'll be posting progressive updates and expect that by the time we reach Hall 5, we'll be praising Pony Friends for its fresh take on the horse grooming genre. We may even take up the mic on the SingStar stage to belt out some Scissor Sisters.


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