The Grande Finale

How do you follow up a weekend full of gaming competitions and fun? Why with a completely kick ass game-off with one of the most highly anticipated games of the year of course!

The Omegathon is a Penny Arcade tradition dating back millions of years and while normally competitors would go head to head with old school games, this year Gabe and Tycho had something new up their collective sleeve, Halo 3. As you can imagine when it was announced, the crowd went crazy apeshit bonkers and it was a few minutes before I could actually hear anything again, even now my ears are still ringing. Also on hand for the festivities were nerdcore favourites The Minibosses, who entertained the rapturous crowd with their version of the Halo 3 theme before the final showdown.Contestants Accelon and MNC Dover jumped into the action with great aplomb and before long they were fragging each other left and right over two heretofore unseen maps loaded with even more heretofore unseen weapons. The crowd, of course, could barely contain themselves and with the amount of people crowded into the room it was a bit difficult to see what was going on save for the giant screens hanging over head.

The battle was fought hard with both players performing admirably, but in the end Accelon prevailed, taking down his opponent with a deadly blow from his Plasma Sword. His reward for all this hard work was a trip for two to TGS and a fat $US5000. Gabe and Tycho then took the stage, presenting each of the warriors with their own samurai swords (Hatori Hanso no doubt) before sitting down themselves for their own fight to the death. (That would be an in-game fight to the death, not a real one. Sorry to disappoint.) The big winner this time was Gabe, pwning Tycho five to two and sending the crowd into deafening applause heard the world over.

And thus ended PAX. The crowd streamed out of the auditorium and scurried back to their hotels, swag and purchases in hand to pack their bags and head to the airport with the satisfaction of a conference that was not only fun and friendly, but distinctly well played.

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