The GTA IV Delay Is Totally Good

The GTA IV Delay Is Totally Good

gtaVI_news_delayed.jpg Word on the street was that Microsoft paid through the nose for GTA IV exclusive episodic content — to the tune of 50 million Americana bucks. What an investment! The game has now been delayed (due to rumoured PS3 programming probs) and won’t make this Christmas. So you’d think that Microsoft would be pissed. Not so! Microsoft is so rich that the company doesn’t care about silly things like selling games, right? Riiight. A Microsoft rep tell the NY Post‘s William Vitka that the delay will “allow gamers to focus on the other titles in this year’s holiday lineup.” But, glossy spin aside, Microsoft’s gotta be annoyed. At the company’s Xbox Holiday Press event earlier this week in New York, Vitka recalls this exchange he had:

So, I asked.

“Excuse me, but – the money Microsoft paid to Rockstar was quite a hefty chunk. Now I’m not saying this was a bad business move, but it was clearly designed to pull GTA-Sony loyalists to your side. So are you saying that the millions you guys paid out of pocket to get gamers into Microsoft hands for the holiday rush wasn’t wasted in any way?”

The Xbox rep grinned uneasily, “I never said we gave Rockstar money. I don’t think we ever -“

“I’m not asking if you said it, I’m suggesting that your plan was blown out of the water a bit because now there isn’t as much of a draw for ‘converts’.”

And then there was a brief, awkward silence and more assurances that, really — hey, for serious — Microsoft is totally happy about GTA IV being delayed.

So, don’t worry about Microsoft. Microsoft’s totally happy!
The delay is a good thing [Post Game Report]

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