The Halo 3 RSS Reader

The Halo 3 RSS Reader

h3rss.jpgThe Halo 3 marketing steamroller has only just begun to chug to life an already we’ve begun to be inundated with every kind of product placement and cross promotion we can think of. It has it’s own Zune, 360 model, action figures (or if they don’t move, figurines or statuettes, take your pick), as well as promotions with such heavy hitters as Pontiac, Burger King, Comcast and 7- “we promote everything” 11. Mountain Dew has even gone so far as to create a new soda branded to the game. But, the good folks at Mountain Dew won’t just be satisfied with filling your body with twenty times the caffeine in the name of video games, they want to help you read your favourite news headlines too.

Microsoft and Mountain Dew have to teamed up to bring you the Halo 3 RSS Reader so you can now see what’s happening around the web quickly, easily and Halo-y. Imagine the excitement as you file through your links with this awesome logo shaped reader with it’s…

Ok, I’m done.

The Halo 3 RSS Reader []
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