The HDTV Pinball Machine

559562462_4d5c969d7c.jpg Fresh of covering E3 for us, former Gizmodo editor Joel Johnson has settled in over at Boing Boing, where he's covering gadgets like this HDTV pinball machine. It's an art installation on display at Barcelona's Palau de la Virreina that riffs on the conflict between kids and parents over leisure activities — what's more, it proves that more pinball machines should use giant HDTVs. Here's info about the game:

The "real world" level represents kids' media usage and their parents' attitudes towards it. Left hand (parents' wishes) sends the ball (the kid) to school, books, church and museum. Right hand (the kid's wishes) sends the kid to TV, peers, videogames and the Internet-connected computer at the top left.

Nice to see a tricked out pinball machine. Nice to see Joel back in the gadget saddle. Homebrew HDTV Pinball [BB Gadgets]


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