The Mario Kart Remote Control Car

bigmariokart.jpgKotakuite Zhao snapped these pics at his local Fry's Electronics of some spiffy Mario Kart remote control cars. Pretty cheap at $US14.99 but I would probably keep it on the shelf after it's maiden voyage around my kitchen floor rather than run the risk of it getting bashed, scuffed or otherwise ruined. I did a little snooping about the web and a few specialty sites carry these as well as Yoshi and Donkey Kong versions.There also seems to be two different types, a smaller one with a transistor radio looking control and one with a remote that looks like a little GameCube controller. The larger GameCube controller version is about twice the price of the other, but Fry's looks like their price for the smaller version ($US14.99) beats the price of the internet by a few dollars($US18.95). Don't forget the batteries!



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