Camy Unleashes The Wii Hero Pack

heropack.jpgAre you a real fan of The Twilight Princess if you are playing with just the boring old Wiimote and nunchuk attachment? Camy International doesn't seem to think so. They are releasing the Hero Pack, which consists of plastic and foam replicas of iconic Hyrulean shield and master sword combo. Your Wiimote fits into the hilt of the blade, while the nunchuk connects to the strap on the shield, effectively making you king dork of the Zelda people for around $US20. It certainly looks nifty, but I worry about how awkward the setup might be for activities like fishing, or just basic platforming for that matter. Hit the link below for the full release, and keep an eye open for Kotaku impressions on the set in the near future.

Camy Hero Pack Product Page [Camy International]


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