The Mexican 8-Bit Xbox 360-Looking Emulator

Foto-0029.jpgConfused? Heck, I'm confused, and I wrote this. Kotakuite Erzengel spotted a NES emulator in a Mexican shopping mall that looks an Xbox 360. He writes:

I was walking around a well known mexican mall (wich makes sense since im mexican), when i saw, in a "serious" store, this pieces of... well, the pic says it all. Its a Xbox-like 8BITS videogame system. Yup, 8 bits, wich means NES quality games, in a shiny white box. Makes me kind of sad, many kids are gonna get this because their tech impaired parents wont be able to see the differences. In case you ask, the price is around US$28.

Wonder if Super Mario Bros. causes it to lock up and crap out. Zing!


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