Possible DLC Solution To 360 UTIII Impasse?

Possible DLC Solution To 360 UTIII Impasse?

HGwillsue.jpgUnreal Tournament’s always been big on mods. On PC, mods are easy. On PS3, mods are easy enough. On 360? Lots harder. Microsoft rule their platform with an iron fist, demanding that every single thing that turns up on the system be checked, re-checked, triple-checked then certified. Which greatly reduces the chances of your little brother’s “King Willy’s Ding-Dong of Ding-Doom” mod from reaching the masses.

Thing is, Epic want you to be able to do this. So they’re delaying the release of the 360 version of Unreal Tournament III until they can find a way around Microsoft’s vice-like grip. With Microsoft busy until Christmas, according to Mark Rein, the solution is going to take a while. And may end up as downloadable content:

Worst case scenario is, we port them and we put them through certification and we put them up as downloadable content

That’s the worse case scenario. Hopefully between now and whenever it is we ship on Xbox 360, we figure out a user-managed way to do it.

All good Mark. Just so long as you mean free downloadable content. Which I know you do, but with the 360 you can never be too careful, you know?
Epic busting its balls to get UT III mods on 360 [CVG]

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