The Pee Game That Cares

piss-screen.jpg The urine game market? It's expanding. No, it's doubling. Back in 2006, we posted about a TopsPEEd, a game that lets pissers control a virtual car with their tinkle. Piss-Screen is one better. It lets Frankfurt drinkers drive a virtual car AND tells them if they are too trashed to drive home. The game begins as soon as the pee starts a-flowing. Urinals are outfitted with a pressure-sensitive inlay, and fellas must leak on each sensor so that their in-game car dodges on coming traffic. Hit a car, and the game stops. A message pops up: "Too pissed to drive? Take a taxi instead." Peeing on sensors: the new sobriety litmus test. Piss Screen [Official Site, Thanks Neal!]


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