The PS3 Is Unkillable?

The PS3 Is Unkillable?

nurse_zombie_thriller.jpgYou can’t keep a good PS3 down, at least according to some extreme play testing by PS3Vault. They started out with running a PS3 for 4 days in a van, gradually letting the temperature drop to 0. Here were the results:

We noticed a slight sluggishness in playback once the temperature reached 0 degrees , this was maintained for the last 24hours, with 12 hours to go we thought we were going to crash with a sudden , blackout to the screen, this was tracked down to condensation on the cord for the screen. 108hours in and still working fine.

Impressive. But electronics usually do great in cold environments. What about when they stuck the PS3 in sauna with temperatures reaching almost 50 degrees for 24 hours?

Strangley enough we thought this would prove to be the ultimate area to kill the console, and to our surprise the only incident we noticed was a slight burning smell that came in around 64hours at 110F (48 degrees Celsius), the console was extremely hot when we finished the overall test but had come thru all environments with flying colours.

Considering that the PS3 was actually being playing games or Blu-ray movies, this performance is absolutely incredible. You can say what you want about programming for the Cell, or the PS3’s currently weak library of games, but Sony has built the thing like a tank.

How to kill a PS3 Console – Is it really possible ?
[via ps3blog]


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