The Top Ten Developers In Britain Last Month

The Top Ten Developers In Britain Last Month

toppops.jpgIt can sometimes be hard working out who the most successful developers in a given market are when the whole charts are taken up by Nintendo. How do we know who came second? Seventh? We don’t. Enter ChartTrack, who are providing “top developer” charts for the UK, which tally up monthly sales across the whole company, and across all platforms, and rank them. Not that you need this info, but hey it can’t hurt either.

The company’s top-selling game for the month is in brackets:1) Nintendo (Brain Training 2)
2) EA UK (Harry Potter & the Ever-Swollen Cash-Teet)
3) Traveller’s Tales (Transformers)
4) Game Freak (Pokemon Diamond)
5) Amaze Entertainment (Shrek III)
6) Starbreeze (The Darkness)
7) Maxis (Sims 2: Pets)
8) Ubisoft Montreal (Rainbow Six: Vegas)
9) Vicarious Visions (Shrek III DS & PSP)
10) EA Canada (Need for Speed Carbon)

Usefulness? Limited! Still interesting, though.

Monthly British Developers Charts [MCV]

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