The Truth Behind Halo 3 Epsilon

The Truth Behind Halo 3 Epsilon

evilotto.jpgAfter reading Luke’s article about the mysterious Halo 3 Epsilon, rumour and speculation ran like wildfire. Well, now we have some concrete evidence on exactly what it’s all about. An anonymous tipster sent the folks at an email that was sent out to all the Halo 3 beta testers concerning Epsilon.

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the Halo 3 Epsilon! The Epsilon is now available for download on Marketplace!

First, unlike the Alpha, Beta or Delta, this is a very special test in that not only will you be testing nearly final Halo 3 Matchmaking, you will also be able to:
* Play Multiplayer on six maps: Snowbound, High Ground, Valhalla, Last Resort, Epitaph and our new big map, Sandtrap.
* Play Custom Games and test out full game variant editing.
* Play with the Forge and be able to cooperatively edit and save multiplayer map variants.
* Play up to 4 person co-op on a single Campaign level.
* Play and test the full Saved Film functionality, including screenshots you can view in-game for Campaign, Multiplayer and Forge.

So there you go, mystery solved. You can now put away your Hardy Boys sleuthing kit.

[Thanks, ChuckIsHere]

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