The Wii Bar Unveiled

mcswiggans_main.jpgRemember the bar Ashcraft posted about yesterday morning? The one that invited patrons to "COME IN & PLAY Wii w/ Mii on our 82" BIG SCREEN"? Unfortunately, all we knew about it at the time was that it was in Hoboken, New Jersey, which while interesting, doesn't really get our readers through the doors madly swinging Remotes in a drunken rage.

Fortunately, Nintendo was on top of things and was able to track down the bar. It's called McSwiggans Pub and despite the vague Irish motif sells hot wings and features a plethora of specials including Karaoke and Martini nights. Nothing on their site hints on the Wii night, so perhaps that was a one off. Someone in the area really should swing by and report back to us.

McSwiggans Pub


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