The Wii Is Only The Fastest-Selling Console In British History

Wii%20prints%20money%20in%20the%20UK%20too.gifYeah. Only. While it took the PS2 49 weeks to sell a million, and it took the 360 60 weeks, the Wii has accomplished the feat in just 38 weeks, making it the fastest-selling console in all of recorded British history (this carefully hand-picked statistic was brought to you by ChartTrack). I may (note: MAY) need to reconsider my gross generalisation that Britain is the heartland of Sony's global gaming fanbase. May. We'll see where things are at after Christmas before I go trotting out on that precarious limb. Nintendo's Wii beats PlayStation and Xbox [The Telegraph, via Game|Life. Cheers to Andy for the pic!]


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