The Wii. What About The PS3?

2007-08-10-102.jpg Earlier this summer, we posted that the Sofmap in Akihabara had moved Nintendo goods to the first floor and Sony products up to the third floor. For over ten years, the PlayStation brand had dominated the store's ground floor, an area that obviously draws the most foot traffic. This isn't that big of a deal, really, but retail can be really telling on just how the demand has shifted. Fliers decorating the store list the Wii and the DS as "popular." What about in-store PlayStation fliers? That, dear reader, after the jump.ps3fliersofmap.jpg Wow, that's like eye level for small dogs. Note: The store's second floor is used games. Besides the PlayStation brand, the third floor is occupied by the Xbox 360. And Microsoft even has more publicity! *Shudder* Sounds like some Japanese gaming wasteland.

Fear not! This is just one retailer, and the PS3 is going to be fine in Japan. Just you wait. PS3 Not So Popular [Akiba Blog]


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