This Fall, Drink FFVII Crap In Tinnies

ff7potionsilver.jpg The best thing about last year's Final Fantasy potion was not the potion. The potion was gross. The best thing was the blue bottle it came in! This October, the FF Potion is back, but those blue bottles are gone. (There is a special phallic one, though!) Partnering with beverage maker Suntory, Square Enix is releasing Final Fantasy VII Potion in tin cans that feature character artwork. Collectible tin cans! That's sooooooo early 1990's. There's also cans bundled with TRADING ARTS mini figures out in November; these cans will have slightly different art. Still, they are tin cans! And tin cans are blergh. ff7potionfigs.jpg

FF Stuff [IT Media]


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