This Is Hyper Multi-Tap

Sure, we love banning. No, we adore it. Gotta run a tight ship, weed out the tools and nitwits and make the site more readable. But what about our razor sharp, funny as hell and wonderfully wonderful commenters? We love them. No, we adore them. And for them, we have Multi-Tap. But Multi-Tap, it’s kinda short. We only do between five and seven comments. But there are more out there. Here’s where you, dear reader, come into play.

Starting tomorrow, Hyper Multi-Tap starts. What is Hyper Multi-Tap? It’s like regular old Multi-Tap, but better. Well, better if you make it better. Because we’d like ya’ll to submit comments that you think should be in Multi-Tap. You have a say! Here’s how it works: Send us the link to the comment thread, along with a link to that commenter’s page and a link to your own page. We need ALL THREE THINGS for them to be considered. If not, well, forget it! We’ll make selections based on what we receive as well as comments we enjoyed. Bitch about the final selection and feel the brunt end of the hammer.

Can you nominate yourself? Nope! The point is to reward your fellow Kotakuland sisters and brothers. So don’ nominate yourself! Commenters who submissions are selected will get linked in Multi-Tap, too. So if you send us a smacking comment, then you’ll see a “Submitted by: YOUR NAME” in Multi-Tap. Everyone wins! So send your submissions to our TIPS address, and the best ones will make it into the Friday edition. We’re really like to double the size of Multi-Tap. But that really depends on you, now doesn’t it?

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