Musika: Actually Play A Decent Game On Your Ipod

musika.jpgMasaya Matsuura, creator of PaRappa and Vib-Ribbon, has been a busy boy. He and his team at NanaOn-Sha have been working on a new rhythm-action game. Thing is, it's not for a console. Or a handheld. It's for the iPod! Called Musika, it's probably best explained as an interactive visualisation program. As a track's playing, letters are swirling around the screen - see one that's in the song's title and you hit the button. I actually had a chance to check this game out back in March, when it was still called Rhythmica, and walked away with one impression: this shit would be the next Snake. It's on a widely-used platform, is simple to play, simple to learn and (depending on your playlist) has almost endless replayability. Plus, it looks nice. Very trippy. Matsuura says of Musika:

...almost all the other ipod games are basic and limited - like a simple puzzle. Our game will be very advanced compared to the others. This will last.

Hear that? It will last. Like the Rolling Stones, and organised religion. Musika has just become available for download in the iTunes store.


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