This Sonic Race Car Broke Our Cold Little Hearts

sonic-racing-set1.jpg Man, we were SO EXCITED when we heard about this. A Sonic and Tails car racing set. How rad is that? Sadly, it's just two little blue and yellow cars with stickers on them. Like so many things Sonic these days, this is a major let down. Writes the dude who found this:

I got this Sonic the Hedgehog racing set years ago at a thrift market. It's not really anything special as it's just a regular race track, but with Sonic and Tails' face pasted onto the cars (and the box). Either way, it DOES have Sonic's name on it, and I assume anything that cashed in on his character from when his games actually were fun might be worth showing, so there you go. BTW I'm selling it if anyone wants it...

Um. No. So Sad [UK:R]


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