Dork Pillows With Humps

Dork Pillows With Humps

20070807z12.jpg That’s not any regular old pillow fight. That’s a pillow fight with BOOB PILLOWS. And not just any old boob pillows, but PC dating sim D.C. II -Da Capo II- boob pillows! They are being sold at this summer’s nerd fest Comic Market 72, but you can get an early squeeze in at Akihabara retailer Gamerz on August 10th. So if you’re looking for anime-looking jubblies to rest your noggin on, here ya go!

And for those confused on how the pillows should be held, hit the jump for a handy demonstration*.20070807z02.jpg

*Crap pun intended.

Boob Pillows [AkibaOS, Thanks Witzbold!]

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