Three Great Blogs = One Awesome Band

rockbandbogothon.jpgThe doors of PAX opened an hour early for press and when I arrived there was a small smattering of media folks hanging out in a line waiting to get in. Once they let us have the run of the place I made a beeline for the Rock Band booth. At E3 (or any other event I've been to this year for that matter) I wasn't able to get anywhere near it, so I was determined to check it out this time. I got my name in the hat for checking it out and when they called me they asked if i had anyone else I wanted to play with. Well, standing with me was none other than Mr. Destructoid and the lovely Colette from as well as my friend Chris Furniss of the Weekly Geek so we decided to become the hottest multi-blog band at PAX and stormed the stage to give a stellar performance of Creep. We did pretty well with Chris on bass, Mr. Destructoid on drums, myself on guitar and Colette selling the crowd with her melodious voice and scored a respectable 97%.

The game was a blast and sharing it with my fellow friends and bloggers made it an extra amazing experience. This will definitely be a title that will quickly become a party classic, bringing drunken wanna be rockers together in the comfort of their living rooms regardless of talent. Just add a fog machine and you're a star, baby.


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