Optimus Prime Case Mod

optimuspc.jpgMy computer could use a new video card and CPU. Perhaps even a whole new motherboard, seeing as the system I have right now is prone to randomly rebooting in the middle of writing Kotaku stories. Being a man who knows where his priorities lie, I think I am going to transform my PC into a giant robot instead. That's a fully transformable 6'10" tall Optimus Prime case mod you are witnessing there on the left, and it is a thing pf beauty indeed. It's the work of 36-year-old John Mangus, the winner of ExtremeTech's weekly case modding contest. It transforms into a much smaller desktop form and even features a glowing matrix in Prime's chest in case there are any darkest hours needing to be lighted. Mangus is showing off the case at QuakeCon this weekend, so feel free to stop by and tell him Fahey from Kotaku says he's got the touch, and possibly the power as well. Bonus points for serenading him.

The Optimus Prime PC Case Mod [ExtremeTech]


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