Time Magazine Hates Second Life, Too

Time Magazine Hates Second Life, Too

secondlifelogo.jpgDespite being something of a mainstream media darling, there’s at least one magazine out there that thinks Second Life sucks: Time has a short and sweet piece up on the ‘5 Worst Websites,’ and coming it at number five is the MMO that Kotaku readers love to complain we still write about – Second Life.

Fans praise Second Life as a virtual hangout where you can meet and chat and buy sneakers and real estate (that’s fake stuff for real money) and dance and go bowling and have sex – suggesting that “virtual humans” doing “human things” online in Second Life is somehow less pathetic than, say, cooking Kaldorei spider kabobs or making magic pantaloons in World of Warcraft.

eHarmony, MySpace, Evite.com, and Meez.com round out the list. A sign of mainstream media backlash to come? I doubt it.

5 Worst Websites [Time Magazine]

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