Title Update 3 For Shadowrun

Title Update 3 For Shadowrun

shadowrun3rd.jpgAnd so the Shadowrun beta continues well into the retail release, as details of Title Update #3 are posted at the Official Shadowrun Community Forum. The update, which should be ready sometime this weekend, addresses various balance issues, adds new functionality to multiplayer game setup, improves overall network reliability and fixes ‘numerous’ crashes, exploits, and glitches. IF these updates keep up, one day the game might be worth the $US60 I paid for it! Woot! Hit the jump for the full update details.

Title Update 3 Contains:


Dwarves can no longer be unawared with the katana or Artifact.
Elves’ regeneration ability has been tweaked:

Increased time before Elf begins to heal by a quarter second.
Increased essence cost of healing by ~15%.


Enemy footstep audio will now be easier to hear in Live games.


Bot difficulty will scale with players’ average Trueskill in Public Match games.


Added “Advanced Settings” screen when setting up a Private Game, which contains the following options:

Max players – Ability to determine the maximum number of players that can join the game
Preferences – Ability to use the preferences of all players to determine the map rotation
Handicapping – Ability to turn Karma on or off

Fixed “stop” functionality for when a game-start countdown has begun in the lobby.
Improved messaging for when your party is split or rejoined due to team balance.
Improved messaging about Artifact clearing bodies in Attrition.


Improved server reliability.
Dedicated Server
Improved voting reliability.
Improved network reliability.
Improved error messaging.


Local Match games can now be played without a profile.
Fixed numerous crashes.
Fixed numerous exploits and glitches.
Improved Vista multi-monitor functionality.

Announcement: Title Update #3 [Official Shadowrun Community Forums via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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