Total German Hardware Sales

germansales.jpgn-tv have gotten hold of some (rounded for your pleasure) GRP hardware sales figures for the German market. On offer, both total lifetime sales for the three current-gen consoles, as well as monthly numbers since May. Which are the Germans hottest for? I'l give you a hint, make it easy for you. It's not the 360. Not the PS3, either.MONTHLY (May/Jun/Jul)

360 - 8000 / 5000 / 5000 PS3 - 13000 / 8000 / 8000 Wii - NA / NA / 26000


360 - 281,000 PS3 - 99,500 Wii - 291,000

For reference, Germany is a nation of 82 million souls. Which makes all three console's sales look a little slender, really. Then again, remember: those Germans play a lot of PC games.

Wii überholt Xbox [, thanks MDawg]


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