John Smedley Talks Legends Of Norrath

John Smedley Talks Legends Of Norrath

SMEDLEY-JOHN.jpgMMOG Nation has posted a great interview with Sony Online Entertainment’s John Smedley about the recently announced Everquest online trading card game, Legends of Norrath: Oathbound which our own Crecente actually got to play last month. In case you haven’t gotten a chance to read Crecente’s hands on and you’re too lazy to click over to it or the MMOG Nation interview, here’s a quick explanation of the game in Mr. Smedley’s own words.

The basic concept is that you’re going up against an opponent and there are multiple ways to win. You play an avatar, and your opponent plays an avatar, and the idea is you can either win by killing your opponent’s avatar or by completing quests. You can put certain quests into your deck, and you can use abilities to actually go after these quests. If you have a particular quest in mind you can use your ability cards to solve each quest. Your opponent, though, can also put down monsters and use abilities to block you from completing that quest. So you can take two paths: you can either try to kill the other person’s avatar directly, or you can try to complete things by solving quests. The idea is that you have strategic options in the fight.

This quote is taken straight from the MMOG Nation article which, if you’re interested in the game, I suggest you go check out. It’s well done, asks all the right questions and is full of great info. Congrats to Michael from MMOGN on scoring such a terrific interview.

John Smedley Interview On Legends of Norrath
[MMOG Nation]

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