Translucent Arcade Cabinet Plated In Platinum

Translucent Arcade Cabinet Plated In Platinum

crystalcade.jpg Game blog GameOfTheBlog is right. Yesterday when we posted the FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR arcade PC rig, we totally missed the big picture. That many dollar signs can do that to ya! That same company is also offering up translucent polymer arcade cabinet that can be gold, platinum or chrome plated *and* has that FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR arcade PC rig already in it. Called the Official Game Haven Crystalcade, here’s a quick rundown of how tricked out it is:• Features a 350 watt Dolby THX surround system with 8″ subwoofer

• Optional add-on controllers include Steering Wheel/Foot Pedal, Game Bridge for Xbox/PS2/Cable TV compatibility, DDR Pro Game Pad, Launch Pad Golf Simulator and WIreless Karaoke Magic System with 2,000 songs

• Jukebox software

• Compatible with Windows XP

• 21″ flat screen monitor

It comes packaged with old games like Galaga, Rampage, NARC, Dragon’s Lair, a buncha old 2600 games and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005. Non-sequitur! This seems designed for people who really, really hate gaming.
Crystalcade [GameOfTheBlog via IC]

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