Ubisoft Boss Sees Growth In Gaming's Future

japan_panty.gifThe tastefully-named Yves Guillemot, boss of Ubisoft, isn't just boss of Ubisoft. He's also a formula 1 test driver, amateur cosmonaut and budding fortune-teller. Here, he offers his vision for the future growth of the industry:

There are so many new customers to the business; this is going to grow the market tremendously. I expect the market to grow by 50 percent in the next four years.

Why? He says casual games will drive the market, because they cost nothing to make yet rake in a tonne of cash. I'd imagine he's placing special emphasis on Ubisoft's casual games there. Which can mean only one thing: more Rabbids. Awesome. Ubisoft Expects Rapid Market Growth [Next-Gen]


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