Unbrick Those Bricked PSPs

bricks.jpg Got a "bricked" PSP? Good for you. Homebrewers NOObz are here to help with a free "Pandora's Battery" program to unbrick PSPs. According to NOObz:

It's the culmination of years of behind-the-scenes research and development by some of the top names in PSP hacking, under the name of the Prometheus project.

Here's how it works: Run "Pandora's Battery" on a working PSP, which will turn that PSP's battery into a "jigkick" battery &mdas; it cannot be used normally after that. Next, run a program to create an unbricker memory stick image and then install that image on your memory stick via PC. Then! Install that "jigkick" battery and that memory stick into any bricked PSP, and it will start up with 1.50 firmware. Perfect for homebrew! As we mentioned above, this program is totally free "to prevent small fortunes being made by leeches", so big applause to the homebrew folks who created it: Adrahil, Booster, Cswindle, Dark_AleX, Ditlew, Fanjita, Joek2100, Jim, Mathieulh, Nem, Psp250, Skylark and TyRaNiD. Pandora'a Battery [NOObz! via PSP Fanboy via Aeropause]


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