Unlock The Mysteries Of The Ninja Easily (With Sudoku)

ninja_brain_workout.jpgAs a child, I found myself enthralled by the mystery of the ancient art of ninjitsu. Like any other 80s-raised, red-blooded American pre-teen, I was a boy consumed by all things ninja, having discovered the shadowy assassins via Daredevil comic books and Sho Kosugi films—I watched "The Master" religiously. Still suffering from a Shinobi obsession that began in 1987, I'm still fascinated by masters of the art of stealth. Fortunately for thirty-something ninja wannabes like myself, my brain, if not my body, can apparently match that of a master ninja's, simply by spending some time with my PC.UK software publisher and, I assume, ninja training school Avanquest Software has released Ninja Brain Workout, a series of distractions, such as sudoku, crossword and jigsaw puzzles, mahjong and even the Great Wall of Words. I assume this last task will finally unlock the throwing of shuriken with deadly accuracy and help me cling to ceilings with minimal effort, as I've never heard of it.

For those of you looking to up your ninja skill set, apparently those visions of years of torturous training were only a ruse by those who knew of the legacy of the ninja arts. All it takes is a bit more time working out sudoku grids.

Anyone out there willing to test this out?


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