Protytpe Is Crackdown On…Crack

Protytpe Is Crackdown On…Crack

prototype2494_screen.jpgThis month, UK Official Xbox Magazine is running a story on a new game called Protype by Radical, the same guys (and gals) who brought us Scarface, Simpson’s Hit and Run and The Hulk. It was quasi-announced about a week ago, but now we have a few more details.

While we don’t have loads of fancy images for your enjoyment, we do know that gamers will play a wall-running superhuman who can slice people in two, grow a shell-like shield and emit spike from the ground—all while enjoying the backdrop of New York. Thank a human-mutating virus for the need of endless mega ass-whoopings, along with the ability to absorb characteristics from NPCs. Look for the title Winter 2008 (if that tentative date holds).

We loved Crackdown. If Protype is just more of the same, we’ll be happy enough. For Xbox 360 and PS3.

Prototype revealed: Crackdown killer?

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