U.S. Troops Denied Free Copies Of Left Behind Game?

left_behind_osu.jpgEvangelical group Operation Straight Up (OSU) planned to ship copies of the PC real-time strategy game based on the Left Behind series of books, Left Behind: Eternal Forces, to U.S. troops stationed in Iraq. It appears those plans may have been changed, however, as the organisation may have pulled the controversial game from its so-called Freedom Packages.Following a post on The Nation by Max Blumenthal in which he slammed the game's inclusion, among other evangelical tools, it appears that OSU may have decided to nix the poorly received game. For those not in the know when it comes to Left Behind: Eternal Forces, it puts the player in a post-Rapture scenario, in which you command an army against those left behind (get it?). Either convert your enemies, putting the love of Jesus in their hearts, or blast the bejeezus out of them by shooting them right in the heart.

The game has received its share of detractors, seeing public outcry from liberal groups, Islamic group, Christian groups and, naturally, The Daily Show.

Kill Or Convert, Brought To You By the Pentagon [The Nation]


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