(Useless) Nintendo DS Emulator Released For PSP

(Useless) Nintendo DS Emulator Released For PSP

ds_on_psp_emu.jpg Sure, the DesMuME PSP emulator’s compatibility record is spotty at best and its author, Sektor, claims that the software runs at about three frames per second at 333 MHz, but it’s running Nintendo DS software on a PSP. That has to count for something, right? That something is probably nothing more than “Look what I did!” as the emulator “will never be full speed” and most likely never functional for practical game playing purposes. But, look! DS games running on a PSP!

My suggestion for playing DS titles on your PSP is shown in the thumbnail picture above. E-mail me for instructions.

DesMuME PSP Unofficial Useless Edition – Nintendo DS Emulator for the PSP [DC Emu PSP News, thanks Wraggy!]


  • Ive been into emulation for years and follow a great deal of emulators currently mostly for the nintendo ds (nds. I have never heard of the nds emulator for the psp although i knew it was possible to emulate with the psp’s processing power. Interesting stuff but those frames per second will need to be improved, theres no way gameplay will be tolerable at 3fps but never the less an impressive start for cross platfor emulation

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