Uwe Bowl Hates Wired Who Hates Him, The Sequel

Uwe Bowl Hates Wired Who Hates Him, The Sequel

uwe2.jpgAfter reading Chris Kohler’s review of Postal, Uwe Bowl was less than happy. So after their brief email flirtation, Kohler asked for a follow-up wrestling match interview and Bowl obliged.

Wired:…you want people to accept that this is what you’re doing with this movie, that you’re going to take taboo subjects and satirise them, but when I sort of take a subject like your movie and end up making a satirical or a funny article about that, I don’t have the right to do that? Only you have the right…

Ooh, good point! How will the fired up Bowl respond?

UB: No, you have the right to do that, absolutely, but your article was not funny. Your article was only an ongoing insult against the untalented, bad director…You should admire that nobody else did what I did in the last ten years. Nobody else on the whole planet, not one filmmaker out of Germany was able to raise money. All the German money went to the Hollywood studios, I was the only guy doing it.

Love me! Love me! Shower me in kisses!

Maybe reviewers should be approaching Bowl differently, like by asking why the one guy in Germany getting money to make movies is doing such a lousy job.

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  • Uwe Bowl can get fucked. He can’t make any good movies based on video games. He should fuckin quit because its starting too piss people right off. Especially me. I’m practicing a script based on a video game called “BLOOD” a 1997 PC game. I was actually looking at Uwe Bowls ideas and they were fuckin crap, useless imagination then I looked at my script and said to myself “Bloody hell my imagenation is better then his”. Way better.

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