Valve's Gonna Keep On Loving EA

newellglow.jpgAh yes, Electronic Arts loves the sweet, sweet developer loving. First Crysis developer Crytek chooses EA over Ubisoft in a blind publisher taste test, and now Valve's Gabe Newell likes them so much he plans to keep working with them. In an interview with Eurogamer, Newell doesn't understand the EA hate.

"Everybody always tells us what a horrible monster EA is supposed to be and we keep waiting for the hair to sprout out and the fangs to grow," Valve MD Gabe Newell jokes

He also reveals that EA will be publishing Valve's upcoming multiplayer survival horror game Left 4 Dead. It all just feels unnatural. Gabe Newell hates everything. Kittens, sunshine...he even hates you, which is ridiculous. We think you are a rather lovely person, despite the hair. Don't know what you were thinking there.

Valve to continue with EA [Eurogamer]


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