Even NPR Picks Up On Video Games Live!

Even NPR Picks Up On Video Games Live!

vglcivenlarge.jpgA few weeks late (the DC concerts were at the end of June), but NPR has a nice little piece that sums up the slight confusion and fascination non-gaming types have had in reaction to hordes of children, adults in t-shirts and jeans, and cosplayers invading places like the Kennedy Centre Concert Hall, where more sedate crowds in business casual (and occasionally formal dress) generally rule the roost. The looks on the faces of well-dressed Washingtonians heading to opening night of the Phantom of the Opera, down the hall at the Opera House, were pretty priceless. Plenty of people watching the concert seemed a little confused (the whooping and hollering was directly at odds with the behaviour of any crowd I’ve ever seen at the Kennedy Centre), so it’s easy to forgive the mainstream media for being mildly perplexed.

There were more than children and teenage gamers at Video Games Live. Christine, who didn’t give her last name, was dragged along to the show by her kids. She was surprised by the diversity of the crowd.

“I’ve seen a lot of grandmas out there, and I’m like, ‘What are they doing here?'” she says.

I definitely could’ve lived without seeing the guy in the Mega Man costume. There are a couple of clips of the actual concert and (of course) the original audio piece over at NPR.

At the Concert Hall, a Symphony for Space Invaders [NPR, thanks Jennifer!]

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