Virtual Branding Design

Virtual Branding Design

scioninthere.jpgWorlds in Motion has an interview up with Matt Daly of Metaversatility, the company in charge of the latest Scion campaign in and that has done extensive work in Second Life. The topic of conversation is branding in virtual worlds – what makes it easier to develop a good campaign for virtual worlds, which platforms are good for it, and which platforms suck (I gather he harbours no real fondness for Second Life, either).

Apparently, for third parties Second Life is “as bad as it gets.” Daly explains: “Second Life is not very good for third parties because Linden doesn’t work with [them] ; they’re very hands-off as much as they can, and then its our de facto role to come in and know the tools, know the landscape and then develop with whatever we have. You can’t get any further than the way it should be than a platform where you have no real contact with the developers of the platform. It’s very democratic, but for actual third-party developers, it’s not the most efficient way to go.”

With advertising becoming ever more common in virtual worlds, both of the Second Life and the with-an-actual-purpose variety, it’s interesting to see what new forms of ad agencies are cropping up to market stuff, stuff, and more stuff in the market segment that a lot of brick-and-mortar companies are making a play for.

Q & A: Metaversatility’s Matt Daly Talks Virtual Branding Design [Worlds In Motion]

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