Vista-Only DX10 Was A "Terrible Mistake"

gabenewell.jpgIn an interview with German site Heise Online, Gabe Newell has professed his undying love for DX10's Vista exclusivity. Or...he would have, if he actually loved it, instead of hating it. Real bad. He says Microsoft's decision to make the latest DirectX Vista-only has harmed the PC games industry, with few companies bothering to use it since few gamers can take advantage of it. Valve's own, albeit always handy, online surveys revealed only 8% of gamers were using Vista, despite it being over nine months old. To the other 92% - you dig those heels in, Gabe's got your back. Gabe Newell: DirectX 10 for Vista was a mistake [Heise Online, via Shashdot]


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